Friday, March 09, 2012

Skin Care Concerns

As a mother of three kids who are entering their teenage years, I have always been supportive of their well-being, emotionally and physically. Since this period is critical in building their self-esteem, I often talk with them to see if they have concerns that they would like to share with me. And so far, the only thing that bothers them is their skin dilemma. They are very concerned with the acne sprouting on their faces. But because acne runs in the family, I somehow anticipated the situation. For me, I still want them to try that acne light therapy I discovered a year ago because it's really effective. The acne removal process was something I trusted myself and would never exchange it for another acne removal system.

Anyway, since we are now on the topic about skin care, it's only fitting that we discuss its history. Just go through the infographic below and when you're done, be sure to perform the facial toning exercises!


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